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This series of pictures shows the work to the hull. Because the original hull (below) was not photographed before the work and strip down was commenced a picture of my second boat is displayed (on trailer) to give an idea as it was, but the rest are the real hull which was terrible as can be seen by the remaining pictures.

The hull may look OK, but it had quite a lot of osmosis in it, which had to be cut out. Note the holes where the poorly fitting trailer had pierced the hull (middle right and left) With the boat upside down it can be seen clearly how the boat is able to ‘spin’ at full speed as the hull is so flat and wide for its short length.

More damage and holes, but not clear on these pictures. This time look at the bow, which is able to cut through the water, but with the advantage of the very flat and wide stern section.

Above left is with all the parts removed before filling. Above shows the water damage which all had to be removed. Left again more water damage and the engine bearers with jet intake housing at the rear.

Below left the hull with more damage as above right.

Further below left is the boat deck and bow, very badly damaged.

Bottom right, my other boat, not this one showing the style, but in need of much restoration also. It will not be such a job as this one, because I now know a few of the tricks and quirks.

Well over 50 holes were cut out and repaired.

This is my other identical boat, but shown to explain what the boat being worked on was like before restoration. They are identical and with many similar problems. This boat is next for restoration, but for now it works, though the engine is a little unwell and needs repair. I practiced on the rough one first. This one will be even better when finished.